How often have you felt a sharp pain in the lower back right after waking up in the morning? Do you suffer from neck pain and headaches due to constant slouching over laptops? Tons of people find it hard to perform daily activities due to physical pain. At Townline Physiotherapy, our licensed and experienced therapists treat tons of patients and help them restore normal health.

Who provides you with Physiotherapy in Abbotsford at Townline Physiotherapy?

Your health and wellbeing are our first and foremost priority. Our physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions such as neck pain, headaches, back pain, arthritis, sports injuries and more. We identify the core of the problem through a thorough medical assessment of your condition.  Then the team prepares an effective treatment plan to facilitate quick recovery.

Our team consists of:

Each physiotherapist in our team is qualified enough to provide you with the care you need to achieve your health goals. We have professionals with specialisations in specific areas of physiotherapy. 

Our strong years of professional experience have familiarised our physiotherapists with all updated techniques and methods to treat pain. We are active listeners and provide you with the utmost care and attention. 

Our physiotherapists are licensed and trained to provide comprehensive and holistic care to each patient. We have the expertise to treat all age groups with the utmost precision. 

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What do our Physiotherapy Services Cover?

Our physiotherapy in Abbotsford covers a wide range of services such as:

The team manually manipulates muscles to facilitate soft tissue mobility, release the stress in muscles and joints and relieve pain. 

We have eminent massage therapists to relieve the pressure off your joints and improve your mobility. Regular massage therapy sessions with us will help you lead a healthier life.

The physiotherapists recommend an exercise regime according to the severity of your pain. The exercises focus on improving your strength, flexibility and range of motion. 

Consult with our team to know which approach fits your health goals. We listen to your problems and conduct a thorough medical assessment to figure out what’s wrong. You get a customised treatment plan accordingly.

What does our Physiotherapy in Abbotsford Treat?

Visit Townline Physiotherapy to get rid of any physical pain. We cater to a wide range of conditions such as:

Don't panic if your condition isn’t mentioned here. Have a word with us, and we will assign a suitable physiotherapist based on your problems. Opt for our physiotherapy in Abbotsford as soon as you experience the initial symptoms of the above-mentioned conditions. 


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