Ankle sprains are common to all, irrespective of your age or activity level. It occurs when you twist or roll your ankle in an unusual way. This unnatural tweaking stretches or tears the strong ligaments that hold your ankle bones together, causing excruciating pain and swelling in the affected area. The pain worsens with time. The sooner you consult with a physiotherapist, the quicker you get relief from the pain.

Physiotherapy does wonders when it comes to treating ankle sprains. The licensed physiotherapist aims to strengthen the joints and muscles surrounding the ankles. The team at Townline Physiotherapy examines your range of motion and strength to identify the severity of the sprain. We prepare an effective and personalized treatment plan based on the severity of your ankle sprain.

What happens in ankle sprains?

Excruciating pain and swelling occur in ankle sprains. But what exactly happens when you twist your ankle abnormally? Let’s find out.

The ankle becomes unstable in the initial injury phase because of a tear in the ligaments. The instability increases with time.

What are the symptoms of ankle sprains?

The common symptoms are:

Benefits of Physiotherapy on Ankle Sprains

The physiotherapist works with you to help you recover quickly from ankle sprains. The impacts of physiotherapy on ankle sprains are:

Physiotherapy allows your body to heal. The therapist applies specific treatments and techniques to reduce the pain and swelling associated with ankle sprains. The techniques usually involve taping, exercises, ice and heat therapy, hands-on therapy and more.

The physiotherapists help you restore the normal movement of your ankle through passive and active exercises and treatments. The treatments usually start with gentle exercises involving your ankle and foot. It involves more active exercises to restore the complete mobility of your ankle.

The physiotherapist examines the ankle thoroughly to determine the tight muscles in your foot, ankle and lower leg. They recommend exercises to strengthen those muscles and bring back the normal flexibility. 

Visit Townline Physiotherapy for Perfect Ankle Sprain Treatment

Regular sessions of physiotherapy at Townline Physiotherapy will help you return to normal activities healthily. We guide you with exercises and retraining activities to help you get rid of the ankle sprain.

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