We provide customized kinesiology in Abbotsford to boost your recovery and help you achieve your health goals. The technique is painless and non-invasive. Whether you have been in a motor vehicle accident or you are suffering from sports injuries, kinesiology can help you recover efficiently. Our experienced kinesiologists work with you thoroughly to realign the body and restore your mobility in the affected areas.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is all about how your body moves. It involves the use of muscle monitoring
techniques that help identify the performance and efficiency problems in your body. The
purpose of our kinesiologists is to restore optimal mobility and boost your body's healing
process. We use advanced treatments and therapeutic techniques such as motor redundancy
exercises, exercise routines, massage therapy, mobility development programs and more to
ensure a quick recovery.

What does Kinesiology Treat?

Kinesiology treats a wide range of conditions such as:

Not all conditions are mentioned here. Give us a call and have a word with our kinesiologists to
find out the impacts of this treatment on your condition.

How does our Kinesiology in Abbotsford work?

The kinesiologist applies effective but gentle techniques to address your problems and help you
get rid of them as quickly as possible. Here’s how kinesiology at Townline Physiotherapy works:

We assess your conditions thoroughly to identify your body's muscle tension and other
problems. This helps us get to the core of the injury or pain and provide the most effective
treatment plan.

We provide a customized treatment plan to make sure you receive the right training and
treatment. The kinesiologist integrates effective healing techniques and modalities into your
treatment plan and helps you recover efficiently.

We guide you throughout the recovery process, ensuring you receive complete care from our

Why choose Townline Physiotherapy?

What are you waiting for? Book your appointment now and start your journey towards a
healthier life.


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