Chronic pain is something everyone has experienced at least once at some point in life. This type of pain lasts months or even years. You can feel it in any part of the body, and the pain can prevent you from functioning the way you are supposed to. The right thing to do is visit a physiotherapy clinic as soon as you feel the symptoms of chronic pain. The sooner you consult with a physiotherapist, the quicker you will be able to recover.

What is Chronic Pain?

People often assume chronic pain is a mere symptom of some other condition. As a matter of fact, according to WHO, chronic pain is a condition itself rather than a symptom of something else. 

It’s an unpleasant sensory experience often associated with some physical damage to the body. Chronic pain lasts years or months, depending on when you start the treatment. 

The two types of chronic pain are: 

Chronic primary pain 

This one takes place due to the following: 

Chronic secondary pain 

This one takes place due to an underlying issue or condition like: 

Causes of Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain typically has a specific cause. It can be due to a long-lasting illness like arthritis. It can also be due to a sports injury or workplace injury. Diseases or injuries make your body susceptible to pain. Thus, you are most likely to feel the pain even after the injury has healed. A fracture or a sprain can also cause chronic pain. 

Psychological factors like anxiety and stress can also cause this type of pain. Endorphins are natural chemicals that are responsible for our happy thoughts and feelings. Stress or depression reduces the levels of endorphins in the blood, thereby causing chronic pain. 

It is hard to determine the cause of chronic pain. Visit the nearest physiotherapy clinic and get yourself tested. 

What does Chronic Pain Feel Like? 

Different people feel chronic pain in different ways. The pain can feel like:

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain Treatment 

Chronic pain makes life difficult. It doesn’t let you live your life the way you may want to. Physiotherapy can help relieve chronic pain without the need for surgeries or medications. 

Here’s how physiotherapy relieves chronic pain: 

Strengthening exercises 

Physiotherapists may prescribe strengthening exercises depending on the severity of your chronic pain. These exercises boost your resistance power and core muscles like the back, glutes and belly. 

Exercise therapy 

Some pain-free exercises can help you regain your optimal mobility. Physiotherapists prepare an exercise regime to improve your strength and mobility. 

Manual therapy 

Joints can become immobile or stiff due to chronic pain. Thus, physiotherapists may practise manual therapy to restore optimal movement. 

The other techniques involved in physiotherapy to treat chronic pain are: \

Visit Townline for Effective Chronic Pain Treatment in Abbotsford 

Visit Townline physiotherapy to relieve chronic pain and regain your optimal lifestyle. Our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to manage various forms of physical pain. We asses the condition carefully to prescribe the most suitable treatments for your quick recovery. 

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