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Trusted ICBC Physiotherapy Clinic in Abbotsford- Experience Effective Healing and Recovery

TownLine Physiotherapy offers comprehensive & best ICBC physiotherapy services in Abbotsford. We are committed to providing specialized ICBC Physiotherapy through a highly skilled & certified Physiotherapist in Abbotsford. We are trying to deliver our best possible service with advanced therapy including joint mobilizations, tissue therapy, rehabilitation program & customized exercise. These methodologies have been constructed to resolve any critical accident injury or traumas & improve health functionality & capacity.
Our highly educated & certified ICBC physiotherapist clinic in Abbotsford is dedicated to assisting you recover from your motor vehicle injuries or pain associated with your ICBC claim. We work only for the evidence-based program that objects to supporting patients and achieve their biggest level of physical growth. Our treatment methodology is very unique and before starting the treatment we examine the actual area of the treatment and then, developed our ICBC treatment customized plans as per the patient’s needs & abilities.

Do You Know Abbotsford ICBC Physiotherapy Treatment Benefits?

Here patients can get the benefit of faster recovery & appropriate monitoring also, we will be responsible for all the ICBC Physiotherapy claims without the burden of much more paperwork.

  • Decrease Pain
  • Increase the number of movements & motion
  • Enhance endurance & strength.
  • Reduced the Joint pain
  • Increase the daily activities
  • Recover the injuries
  • Resolve the soft tissues & whiplash
  • Prevent future chronic & injury & many more

Why Choose Townline Physiotherapy for Motor Vehicle Injury?

Sometimes, motor vehicle injury can be drastic to you. In that case, you need to find the right physiotherapist & an experienced ICBC physio clinic in Abbotsford that can participate in the speedy recovery process and convert difficult procedures into easy processes. At TownLine Physiotherapy, our experienced and certified physiotherapists start from scratch and work with highly admire treatment strategies including assessing, examining, diagnosis & customized treatment. Also, our ICBC therapy clinic in Abbotsford provides the highest level of care where patients can easily recover from any critical or challenging accidental injury.

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Any person can easily book an appointment through online or phone or via live chat.


For a Virtual Appointment: just dial our mentioned 24/7 helpline number & speak to our customer service representative.


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How Do We Accept ICBC Physiotherapy Treatment Claims?

We offer complete cooperation or assistance so if you faced an accident and don’t claim yet, don’t need to worry, just call on the ICBC claim center to report your claim and you will get the claim number.
Now, follow the below-mentioned procedure step by step guidance:


Share your Claim Number with Us.


We will be eligible to provide you direct billing on behalf of your ICBI physiotherapy complete treatment. Then, you don’t need to pay any additional cost for the treatment.


In case, if you are required some special treatment sessions such as Neurological Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy & vestibular therapy, and many more.


Then, the patient needs to take doctor referral notes on their special types of treatment.

What About the TownLine ICBC physiotherapist in Abbotsford?

Being an experienced holder, we have an experienced team of professional physiotherapists that can easily resolve any kind of major injury after applying the diagnosis, prognosis & personalized treatment plan.

  • Our highly professional physio provides excellent treatment after applying assessment, diagnosis & examination.
  • The physio team can give rehabilitation exercises and other activities.
  • Our physio is highly educated so they educate & help to reduce or resolve chronic pain, major injury & impact on your life.
  • Our physical therapist improves the daily routine, modification of the lifestyle, hydration, and many more things. They play a very crucial role in the dietary service.

Our highly knowledgeable physio care Physio can provide enhanced care with post-treatment workouts that you can do at home or in a gym to help continue with your post-rehabilitation in the community.

How Does Start Initial Assessment by Townline ICBC Physio Clinic Abbotsford?

After visiting the clinic or virtually, our physiotherapist will have understood each & everything after applying a diagnosis & initial assessment. Also, you will get the perfect exercise guidelines that can will improve your motion & resume your activities. You would be aware of the symptoms & day-to-day activities where you can plan your treatment, exercise & activities. We have an experienced team of the physiotherapist

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is just an agreement-based program between the clinic provider & ICBC.

Yes, you can be eligible for it but, you need to report to the insurance provider about your accident & then, your ICBC will approve.

It depends on the conditions and getting accurate results after assessment & diagnosis. Generally, we cover the first 12 weeks including 25 treatment sessions.

If you are faced an injury due to a car accident, you will get an opportunity to claim your health treatment option. Our highly experienced physio will mark your actual causes of the injury or pain. According to the nature of the injury, we generate a customized plan for immediate recovery.

Yes, as per the availability patients can choose their physiotherapist.

No, your treatment plan will construct according to the direct billing that can you claim but, if you add some additional treatment or session so you need to take a doctor’s referral on the same.

It always depends on the nature of the injury or pain. Usually, we provide each session for around 30 to 45 minutes.

Yes, any person can make their appointment virtually. just, call on the below-given helpline number and make an appointment virtually.

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