Are you looking for an effective way to manage pain or reduce muscle tension? Then IMS technique in Abbotsford can help you return to active rehabilitation IMS or dry needling therapy involves the use of thin filament needles. These penetrate the skin and trigger the underlying neural, connective, and muscular tissues. The therapy triggers a healing response in the affected neuromusculoskeletal areas, improving the movement issues.

What are the Benefits of the IMS technique in Abbotsford?

Musculoskeletal problems are nowadays common to most individuals. You may suffer from neck, back, head, and shoulder pain. Some specific conditions associated with musculoskeletal problems are tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and carpal tunnel. Our IMS technique in Abbotsford relieves all the pain and discomfort efficiently. 

The key benefits of our IMS technique or dry needling therapy are:

Is the dry needling therapy painful?

Patients often have this query whether or not the dry needling therapy hurts. Well, the process involves the use of needles. But, we are talking about very thin filament-like needles which generate a mere twitch response only after inserting into the skin. Do not panic at the thought of the IMS technique. We have handpicked licensed therapists to provide you with reliable IMS techniques in Abbotsford. We make sure your body generates a therapeutic response along with the insertion of needles during the therapy. 

Are IMS technique and Acupuncture the Same Thing?

IMS technique involves the insertion of extremely thin needles into the body to cause the affected muscles to contract or twitch. Acupuncture, on the other hand, involves the insertion of needles in specific affected areas. Acupuncture releases endorphins, thereby reducing pain, boosting energy, and improving mood. 

Why Get the IMS technique in Abbotsford at Townline Physiotherapy?

Whether you suffer from intense muscular tension or excruciating pain in the back, the IMS technique has your back. The therapy targets the specific myofascial trigger points underneath your body. It causes the muscles to reduce tension, compress joints and facilitate nerve irritation. With regular sessions, you are completely free from physical pain and discomfort. We have an amazing team of therapists who guide you throughout recovery. 


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