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-Golfer’s elbow isn’t restricted to golfers only. It can happen to anyone who is constantly using their wrist and arm to twist, grasp or bend things. Some instances include hammering nails or swinging a racquet.

What is Golfer’s Elbow?

The medical name is medial epicondylitis. This condition affects the tendons that connect your forearm and elbow. You feel pain throughout the wrist, forearm and elbow. Your tendons develop tiny tears when you use your arm and wrist to grasp, twist or bend anything repeatedly. These tiny tears cause pain and inflammation. With time, it can cause chronic pain and weaken your grip as well. Thus, it is critical to consult with a physiotherapist as soon as you notice the symptoms of a golfer’s elbow.

Visit Townline Physiotherapy for Golfer’s Elbow Injury Treatment in Abbotsford

Our brilliant team of physiotherapists has several years of experience in helping people recover from golfer’s elbow. We have movement specialists on our team who assess your condition thoroughly. We prepare a treatment regime accordingly. From manual therapy to stretching exercises, we apply various techniques to help you recover.

What are the Symptoms of a Golfer’s Elbow?

Here are the common symptoms of golfer’s elbow:

  • Weakness in hands and wrists
  • Stiffness in elbows
  • Numbness in fingers
  • Pain and tenderness on the inner side of your elbow

What Causes Golfer’s Elbow?

Forecul finger and wrist motions cause the golfer’s elbow. The repeated stress on fingers and wrist damages the muscles and tendons connecting the forearm and elbow. This causes pain and inflammation.

How Does Our Therapist Help to Recover From Elbow Injury in Abbotsford?

The golfer’s elbow is painful. But you can manage this condition through physiotherapy. The sooner you consult, the quicker you recover.

The physiotherapist assesses the condition thoroughly to devise a treatment plan specific to you. The physiotherapist guides you through the following:


Pain management- You will know which movements are specifically painful. So you can avoid them and let the inflamed tendon heal.


Manual therapy- The physiotherapist may prescribe manual therapies depending on your condition. These therapies help your muscles regain optimal movement.


Range of motion exercises- These exercises help you regain your mobility in the elbow and wrist.


Strengthening exercises- You will know the right exercises for your condition. The common exercises include resistance exercises and isometric exercises.

Here are some common activities
that cause golfer’s elbow:


Using incorrect techniques with tennis strokes


Improper pitching technique


Repeating occupational movements forcefully


Lifting weights in an incorrect technique

How to Prevent Golfer’s Elbow From Injury?

Here are some ways to prevent this condition:

  • Check your form before you start playing.
  • Use light weights to make your forearm muscles strong.
  • Take breaks as and when required.
  • Stretch before the game.
  • Make sure you are using the right sports equipment.
  • Learn proper lifting techniques.

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