Shockwave therapy is a new pain relief method proven to treat musculoskeletal conditions. It involves using high-intensity sound waves to target the exact sources of pain and relieve it. Physiotherapists suggest shockwave therapy in Abbotsford to stimulate the natural healing process of your body. Consistent sessions with our shockwave therapist reduce the pain and inflammation in your body, thereby helping you lead a healthier life.

What happens During Shockwave Therapy?

We often come across conditions that do not respond to first-line physiotherapy. That is mostly when we recommend the patient to undergo shockwave therapy in Abbotsford.

Here is a detailed description of what happens during shockwave therapy:

Do you have more queries regarding the application of shockwave therapy? Have a word with our consultants. We will guide you through all the stages of shockwave therapy in Abbotsford

What are the Benefits of Shockwave Therapy?

There are plenty of pain relieving techniques in physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Yet, shockwave therapy stands out from the rest. 


Shockwave therapy comes in handy when all other treatment methods fail to help out the patient. The best thing about this therapy is that it boosts the natural healing process of your body. Whether you need relief from chronic pain or acute inflammation, shockwave therapy has the potential to help you out. 

Shockwave therapy is especially helpful for patients suffering from conditions associated with tendons and bones. Here are certain conditions shockwave therapy can help you with:

Is Shockwave Therapy Painful?

Like any other physical therapy, shockwave therapy may cause slight discomfort during the initial sessions. But, it is within your pain tolerance level and goes away after a while. You will start feeling better 24-48 hours after the shockwave therapy in Abbotsford

Why choose us for Shockwave Therapy in Abbotsford?

Townline Physiotherapy is one of the leading shockwave therapy providers all around Abbotsford. We have licensed physiotherapists who provide you with shockwave therapy after a thorough assessment. We are dedicated to improving your health and reducing pain through unmatched quality shockwave therapy. 

We attend to each client individually. We listen to your problems and provide you with the shockwave therapy you need to live a healthy life. Our shockwave therapists guide you throughout the treatment and recovery process.


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