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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Do you often have trouble with bowel movements? Is there an extreme urge to pee frequently? These are some of the common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. It restricts the natural ability of your pelvic floor to relax and coordinate, causing a great deal of discomfort. We provide pelvic floor physiotherapy in Abbotsford to treat all conditions associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. We determine the tight muscles in your pelvis, lower back and pelvic floor. Then the team prepares an exercise regime for you according to your condition.

What else to Expect from Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

Our pelvic floor physiotherapy isn’t restricted to assessing and treating conditions such as prenatal/postnatal care, pelvic pain, incontinence and more. We provide other services as well, such as:


Pelvic floor physiotherapy for pregnancy problems

Your body goes through severe changes during and after pregnancy. We provide pelvic floor physiotherapy in Abbotsford to help your body adapt to the new changes. We treat issues like pelvic girdle pain, tailbone pain, lower back pain and more.


Safe return to exercises

Are you struggling to return to exercise after a baby? Our pelvic floor physiotherapy in Abbotsford ensures that you regain the strength in your pelvic floor, core and lower back to prevent the occurrence of pelvic floor dysfunction.

When to Get Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Abbotsford?

The earlier you opt for pelvic floor physiotherapy, the quicker you recover. So, you should consult with a professional the moment you experience the following symptoms:

  • The frequent urge to use the bathroom
  • Long-term constipation
  • Bowel movement problems
  • Urine leakage
  • Lower back pain
  • Ongoing pain in the pelvic region

Reasons to choose our pelvic floor physiotherapy in Abbotsford:


A thorough and personalized consultation

We consult with you thoroughly in the initial phase to determine the exact problem you are suffering from. The physiotherapist recommends effective exercises to help you recover from the pain.


Advanced treatments & equipment

At Townline Physiotherapy, we always strive to provide you with the latest and highest levels of care. Thus, you will enjoy advanced treatments along with quality equipment to treat pelvic dysfunction.


Quick response time

We don’t keep you waiting when you try to connect with us. Dial our number, and we will respond instantly.


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