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By trionfo

September 13, 2023

How is Kinesiology Helpful?

Have you ever felt that your body is not functioning as it should, but you cannot pinpoint the problem either? This is why you should know how your body functions and the factors that affect it. Kinesiology is all about the human body’s movement. It is a therapy that identifies the body’s efficiency and performance issues. The techniques involved in kinesiology help detect and maintain balance in your tissues and muscles.

Kinesiology is the therapy for you if you feel your body is not functioning optimally. You can also opt for it to fix your movement-related issues. You can understand the impact of kinesiology better if you learn about its health benefits.

What are the Key Benefits of Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses several muscle monitoring techniques to detect the issues in your body. The therapy primarily addresses issues that cause imbalance. But it also helps you deal with nutrition problems, stress and minor disorders.


Monitors muscles

The muscles in our body often get stressed after a long, hard day. Kinesiologists apply the right technique to monitor the muscle and fix its issues. Athletes can opt for kinesiology to relax their muscles and let the body fluids flow resistance-free. Repeated sessions of kinesiology protect the adrenal glands and improve your performance.


Addresses physical muscle imbalances

Physical imbalances can cause immense pain. Thus, kinesiologists detect the physical imbalances that may cause pain and discomfort. They apply taping methods to relieve the pain and eliminate muscle blockages.


Identifies nutritional needs

Nutritional deficiency is one of the most common reasons for muscle pain and imbalances. Thus, kinesiology involves the identification of nutritional needs to ensure that you follow the right diet. Including the right nutrients in your diet improve your physical and emotional health.
Thus, all in all, kinesiology helps in pain management, respiratory problems, sports injuries, back problems, digestive problems, nervous disorders and more. It doesn’t involve surgeries or medications.

How are Kinesiology and Physiotherapy Different?

Kinesiology and physiotherapy are concerned with the same thing- to address limb and muscle function. However, their treatment strategies are different. Physiotherapy helps you deal with injuries. It helps you recover efficiently. It is a non-invasive and holistic approach to help restore or recover from injuries. Kinesiology heals your overall body. Kinesiologists help recover from an injury through physical, emotional and mental aspects. They also manage the trauma triggered by injuries. Physiotherapists often recommend kinesiology to their patients, depending on their condition.

Looking for an Experienced Kinesiologist in Abbotsford?

Our kinesiologists and physiotherapists have several years of experience in this field. We have helped tons of people recover from injuries and lead an optimal life through our advanced techniques. Consult with us if you are not sure if kinesiology is the right therapy for you. Our team works with you throughout the recovery process. We assess your condition and prescribe the right treatment for your quick recovery. Our techniques include motor redundancy exercises, massage therapies, mobility development programs and more. Share your concerns with us, and we will take care of them.